Construction Management

At Robins & Morton, we build with purpose. Our continual commitment to our company vision and mission yields more than quality structures — it also builds quality professionals through opportunities and training.

Our high-growth environment is demanding but rewarding. We know that our past success, and the confidence with which we approach new and challenging projects, is built on the strong leadership within our organization. The experience and knowledge of our construction teams enable us to exceed client expectations, while providing our managers with ongoing opportunities for professional and personal advancement.

Preconstruction.  Our Preconstruction department lays the groundwork for success, providing much more than estimates and schedules.  Robins & Morton’s integrated approach recognizes that every project is unique with specialized requirements.  Our team works alongside clients and design teams to provide a blend of services that  best serve the goals and needs of each individual project.

VDC+C. The Virtual Design and Construction + Coordination team provides an array of technology services to Robins & Morton’s project teams and our clients including drone flights, augmented/virtual reality, laser scanning, imaging, robotic layout, BIM coordination and 4D scheduling. They also provide research and development for new technology solutions as they become available.

Scheduling. Our Scheduling department ensures that all stakeholders collaborate to create reliable project plans. By presenting schedules in ways that are easy to visualize and conducting continuous analyses, the scheduling team helps to improve project performance.

Safety. Our Safety team assists, mentors, and coaches the entire organization in implementing our safety management system. This system’s foundation is based on the seven key performance indicators of all high performing safety cultures, including: management commitment, employee participation, incident analysis, education and training, process implementation, and hazard identification and control. Each project has a designated safety team member for support.

Construction Management. There are countless career choices in construction management. Check out our career path below to see the different tracks and opportunities for advancement available.

Construction Management Career Path

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